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  • I am changing the structure of my site and added a new taxonomy on top of tags and categories. How can I display a custom taxonomy in the shortcode output?

    I also need “taxonomyname-termname” class in the html similar to category for design reasons.


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  • Plugin Author johnzenausa


    Also add taxonomy_type='taxonomy_type-1,taxonomy_type-2' and then the taxonomies taxonomy=’taxonomy-1,taxonomy-2′ etc… Still working on including the taxonomy-1 css classes. For some reason they’re not showing.

    Hmm it seems to be partially working. I have updated my shortcode to the following

    [netsposts filter_by_title_keywords='keyword' include_link_title='true' include_blog='2,4' paginate='false' meta_info='true' titles_only='true' list='100' show_categories='true' taxonomy_type='store' taxonomy='' show_custom_taxonomies='true' show_custom_taxonomy_icon='true']

    To clarify I have a new taxonomy called “store” which has 100s of stores and I am not trying to filter by them or add a new one in each post as the list grows over time. I am filtering via the “keyword” and just want to show all posts that have this keyword and their categories/store taxonomy terms.

    I can see adding a store term to “taxonomy=” does indeed filter the list but I need to show all stores and in no case does it actually show the store term name on the frontend of the list for me.

    I am looking for this HTML output basically:

    <div class="netsposts-content blog-4 post-763 category-name custom-taxonomy-storename" style="">
    <a href="https://permalink" class="netsposts-posttitle-link">Post Title</a>
    <div class="netsposts-categories"><a href="https://cat-permalink" class="">Online</a></div>
    <div class="netsposts-custom-taxonomy"><a href="https://store-permalink" class="">Store</a></div>

    Hope that clarifies. Let me know if this is still possible and what I am missing.

    Plugin Author johnzenausa


    You don’t care about filtering just listing the taxonomies that each product is in. Okay let me see. That might take me some time.

    That is correct! Thank you. Looking forward to your update.

    Plugin Author johnzenausa


    Hi @erikwest
    I’ve added the following:

    • Created show_all_taxonomies attribute
    • Created show_all_taxonomy_types attribute
      10. Added custom taxonomy css classes in form of “custom-taxonomy-” + slug to wrapper css

    They both take a true or false answer default is false. So now it will not only show all taxonomies but will also show a list of all taxonomy types. Now the custom-taxonomy will have their own class via their slug.

    Check out the update and see if it works.



    still can’t get custom taxonomy to display 🙁

    i have tried every variation of shortcode in this topic but none of them have showed any difference on the frontend.

    here is my shortcode currently:
    [netsposts filter_by_title_keywords='keyword' include_link_title='true' include_blog='2,4' paginate='false' meta_info='true' titles_only='true' list='100' show_categories='true' show_all_taxonomies='true' show_all_taxonomy_types='true']
    still only shows title and category only, no additional taxonomy displayed

    any ideas?

    Plugin Author johnzenausa


    Hi @erikwest;
    I think I know the problem and it’s my fault for not telling you how the plugin works. The custom taxonomy display only works if using the following plugin:

    Darn. Do you have a github link or code example for adding something custom to the shortcode output? I will try to accomplish the output of a custom taxonomy myself if this dependency on another plugin is required because my taxonomy is added by a popular template. Thanks

    Plugin Author johnzenausa


    I will upload it to github tomorrow night my time. What’s the popular template?

    Thanks. I am using Rehub. Themeforest link:

    Plugin Author johnzenausa


    You may download it here:

    Ok I was able to get the display I needed but I had to edit core to accomplish.

    I would like to propose the following update that I think will help anyone else who may run into this issue:

    if shortcode show_custom_taxonomies=’true’ then use custom post type ui as you mentioned.

    otherwise if shortcode show_custom_taxonomies=’name-of-taxonomy’ instead of true run the following in NetsPostsUtils.php:

    function netsposts_get_post_custom_taxonomies( int $post_id ): array{
    	$custom_taxonomies = 'name-of-taxonomy';
    	return wp_get_post_terms( $post_id, $custom_taxonomies );

    This is a simple way to work with that plugin as well as taxonomies added via templates or other plugins.

    Hope that helps. Thanks

    Plugin Author johnzenausa


    The next update will have this update.

    Plugin Author johnzenausa


    I have added the filter in the latest update, please let me know if it works. Thanks.

    This is working for frontend display except the permalink to the custom taxonomy has /custom_taxonomy/ hardcoded and does not link properly to the taxonomy path fyi.

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