Custom Taxonomy Slug vs. Post Tag Slug (2 posts)

  1. Michael Dance
    Posted 6 years ago #

    I have a custom taxonomy on my blog called "movie."

    When I assign a post the term "Star Wars" in both the tags and the movies taxonomy, and then publish, both the tag and the movie are given the slug "star-wars". No problem.

    BUT, when a post is already published with the tag "Iron Man", and I try to then give it the movie term "Iron Man", the slug of the movie defaults to "iron-man-2", and is impossible to change to "iron-man" because the tag already uses that slug.

    If tags and custom taxonomies weren't allowed to have the same slug, I'd just have to accept that, I guess. But they can -- I have plenty of tags and movies with the same slug as illustrated by the first example. So why won't it work in the second example?

  2. kristarella
    Posted 5 years ago #

    I'm encountering similar behaviour: most tag and taxonomy terms are given unique slugs, but there's one that isn't.

    I thought everything needed a completely unique slug and have been working under that assumption. The tag with the same slug as my custom taxonomy is causing me serious issues. Anyone have insight into this issue either way? Should they be able to have the same slug?

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