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  1. DuGi_dk
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    I have encountered a insanely weird issue with WordPress. I'm running to identical wordpress - a development and a production enviorment.

    The issue is when I want to view a custom taxonomy archive as a RSS feed, it redirects to the rewrite-slug of the connected custom post-type. You with me so far? :)

    Check this out.

    Working link on my DEV:

    NOT working link on production version:

    As you can see, both the URL's are the same - excerpt the domain.

    And to make everything even more weird, it's ONLY when I want to see the custom taxonomy archive as a feed.

    Non-feed version of custom taxonomy on my DEV:

    Non-feed version of custom taxonomy on production version:

    I'm tried and debug the WP_Rewrite array on both DEV and Production and ran it through a text-comparsing which come back as identical. So the rewrite structure is completely the same on both enviorments.

    I really, really, really hope some of you can help me. Or even have an idea where I can look a possible solution up.

    And as a late comment: I know the content on both links is not the same. Obviously both versions runs on two seperate databases. But the code is 110% identical, since everything is deployed via. the same Git repository :)

    A million thanks in advance.

    Morten / DuGi

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