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  • I’ve created a custom post type (cpt) and two custom taxonomies (ctB) and (ctC).

    Now I’m trying to set up the following templates:

    The templates works fine as long as the taxonomy name doesn’t contain “å, ä, ö”. If they do – no posts shows up. If I replace “å, ä, ö” with “a, a, o” the listing of posts works fine, but the page looks like crap since the name isn’t correct Swedish.

    So say that…
    cpt = Product
    ctB = Brand

    …and then I create two products one called Örjan another called Stig, I put the first in the brand Åbergs and the second in Ericsson. The result would be:
    – Örjan product page works fine.
    – Stig product page works fine.
    – Åbergs taxonomy page looks good apart from the fact that it can’t pull up the products for this brand.
    – Ericsson taxonomy page works fine.

    … If I now change ‘Åbergs’ to ‘Abergs’ that taxonomy page works as well.

    Without having a clue what to do to fix this…

    I’ve changed DB_COLLATE to utf8_swedish_ci in wp-config.php.

    In the database I’ve also changed the collation for:
    – wp_term_taxonomy
    – wp_terms

    Not sure if it would help to change this too ‘wp_term_relationships’.

    I’ve spent most of the day looking for similar issues and solutions but I haven’t found anything.

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