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  • Hi,

    Using a hierarchal custom taxonomy associated with a custom post type, I need:

    (1) To change the admin meta-box to a drop-down menu to make sure the post has only one term associated. The drop-down menu should show just the latest children terms, so let us say, for example, I have those terms:
    Zone X
    –> Package X (Zone X’s child)
    —-> District X (District X’s child)
    Zone Y
    –> Package Y (Zone Y’s child)
    —-> District Y (District Y’s child)
    I want the drop-down to show only the latest children: District X and District Y.

    (2) To automatically select all parents of a selected child term when saving the post. So, let us say the user chose District Y in my previous example, then both Package Y and Zone Y should be selected as well, behind the scenes.

    Could anyone help me with that please, or point me out to any helpful reference?
    Thanks in advanced,

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