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  • I can’t get WP to give me child terms on a custom taxonomy, here’s an example:

    register_taxonomy( 'where-you-live', 'user', array('hierarchical' => true,  'show_ui' => true, 'query_var' => true, 'label' => __('Where they live')) );
    $country = 'USA';
    $state   = 'New York';
    $tax_country = wp_insert_term($country,  'where-you-live');
    $country_term_id = $tax_country['term_id'];
    wp_insert_term($state, 'where-you-live', array('parent'=>$country_term_id));
    $state_terms = get_child_terms($country_term_id, 'where-you-live');

    This gives me an empty array. Have I done this wrong?

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  • No comments on this in 5 days. Has anyone successfully done this? Am I the only one trying to do it?

    How do I go about figuring out if it is a bug, and if so where do I report it?

    Change the get_child_terms to get_term_children and you are fine!

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