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  • Hi !

    I’m pretty sure that my question has been answered tons of times but I can’t find any trace of it.
    I am studying WordPress for jobs but can’t find any differences between taxonomies, categories and also tags to a certain extent. On google, they don’t really answer it except to show that they all are the same. Would it be possible to have some real answers and maybe with a real life example to explain if possible ?

    Thanks !

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  • Taxonomies are just methods of classifying things. In WordPress, both tags and categories are part of WordPress’ default taxonomy systems. However, WordPress now allows you to create your own taxonomy (classification) system to suit your content. So if you ran a movie site, you might decide to use Actor, Director and Studio as a way of classifying or cross-referencing your content.

    Does that help?

    It helps making some senses out of it but still, why not use categories for “Actor”, “director”, … ? I guess with taxonomies it’s possible to customize them more ?

    Yes – you can decide if you want your new taxonomy to be hierarchical (eg parent/child/grandchild) or non-hierarchical (flat – all the same level). There’s a nice tutorial (with real word examples) on custom post types at

    Alright thank you ! It answers some questions I had, I will test the taxonomies to see more clearly.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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