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    I’ve added custom taxonomies into my theme’s functions.php using register_taxonomy as all the tutorials say. However, no admin boxes are showing up in my post admin.

    I’ve tried this using the Default file to see if there was something wrong with my theme, but still no admin interface.

    Any ideas?

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  • Could i see your code? …

    Using the example here works.

    I see 2 new options in the admin under posts (in the left sidebar), adding tags does so under the new taxonomies, depending on which one was clicked from the menu..

    Also 2 new boxes are placed down the right-hand side when editing or creating a post… 🙂




    I copied and pasted that code straight into my functions.php file (and took everything else out of it) and it ended up breaking my WordPress install. All pages (including admin) became blank. I took it out and it all worked again.

    Is it possible something in the code could be causing a conflict?

    No reason it should break anything… perhaps it causes a conflict with a plugin…

    All i can say is it works for me…

    Although it would seem there is something else causing a problem, might be worth testing another theme simply to see if the problem carries across.



    Tried it with all plugins disabled. Tried it on Default theme, both still make everything go blank.

    ARGH, this is SO infuriating :-/

    (Thanks for your help though, 🙂 )



    It turns out that it wasn’t working because I had

    hierarchical' => true rather than hierarchical' => false

    For some reason it doesn’t like “true”, so I’ll raise this in a new post.

    @ljk: I have the same problem, I’d need it with hierarchical true (so it behaves like categories, not like tags). Do you know of any progress on this?

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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