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  • Hey,

    I currently have a page for each business, and tagged with the custom taxonomies of cities, state, state abbreviation, and zip. I have customized the search and it will search for the custom taxonomies.

    It’s working splendid, but requires me adding many zip and cities for each business. Obviously this will become overwhelming and non-workable soon.

    I would love to have users searching via zip codes, state, and city, for the nearest shop to their address, but I realize that’s almost a different topic. Something static is fine with me, as my custom search can handle it. Just something to help make this not a nightmare would be wonderful.

    in summary:
    I have a custom search using custom taxonomy (city, state, zip) that indexes businesses so customers can search for them by location. This Will obviously become overwhelming quickly if I continually add zip and city as taxonomies and sub-taxonomies.

    I’m looking for something to help out in anyway, or advice to point me in a better direction.

    thanks in advance

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