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    Hi guys, there is a contact form with element-style… but something wrong with it, because I can not change the size of text box.

    Any help appreciated.
    There is the example

    <div style="color:#FFFFFF; height:550px; width:350px; background-color:#6495ed; position:relative; left:10px; top:20px">
    <p style="height:10px; width:250px; position:relative; left:5px; top:5px;">Your Name (required)<br />
        [text* your-name ] </p>
    <p style="height:30px; width:200px; position:relative; left:5px; top:25px;">Your Email (required)<br />
        [email* your-email] </p>
    <p style="height:30px; width:100px; position:relative; left:5px; top:25px;">Subject<br />
        [text your-subject] </p>
    <p style="height:200px; width:325px; position:relative; left:5px; top:25px;">Your Message<br />
        [textarea your-message] </p>
    <p style="height:10px; width:50px; position:relative; left:20px; top:100px;">[submit "Send"]</p>

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