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  • Roy Ho


    You can try using this hook -> woocommerce_before_shop_loop_item

    It is fired right before the products are looped.

    i really don’t know much about php code, I can edit it though. Could you explain a bit more what I would need to do? Thank you!

    Roy Ho


    Here is a link on how to use action hooks. It will explain it better than I could and it has examples.

    UPDATE: looks like they removed that shortcode or maybe they never had it, just browse the pages you will see a page called shop. Add your image/banner to that page. I just tested this and it works fine, just make sure when you use the add media button that you also insert into page.

    Or if you want it somewhere specific just use css and add the class in your header.php where ever you want it to show up…
    <div class=”banner”></div>

    Make your css classes for each page you want it to show up for called

    .woocommerce .banner{background: url(yoururl/Shop.jpg) no-repeat scroll center top transparent;}

    .blog .banner{background: url(yoururl/Blog.jpg) no-repeat scroll center top transparent;}

    .home .banner{background: url(yoururl/Home.jpg) no-repeat scroll center top transparent;}

    Now for each page check in firebug or chrometools but each page should have something unique in the body class most of the time the home page will have home in the body class so you can see how my example above would work. Hope this helps.

    so something is different about my setup because when I add an image from my media library to the Woocomerce shop page (on the edit page screen) it does not appear.

    also this hook language is way over my head, im a designer, not a coder 🙂

    It can take a min to show up… I would use the css method I explained though.

    If you are a designer you should know how to do this via css html…

    Or maybe you just meant graphic design. I can help you if you want… just message me. We can do a screen share if you would like.

    graphic designer… sorry! Great ty!!!

    Now i feel dumb, how do I message you on this site?

    Go to my website and send me an email from there, doesn’t look like you can send PM’s on here that’s odd…



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    doesn’t look like you can send PM’s on here that’s odd

    Why? There has never been a PM system on as these are community forums. All support takes place in public so that all members of the community benefit.

    It is weird because every single forum I have ever used… has an option to send a pm. What if I want to send someone my email, but yet don’t want every single person who views this to have it…

    I think I found a code-less work around for my situation. I created a new page, added my image, and used the woocomerece shortcode to show categories. It seems to work. I had to keep the woocomerce pages setting to have the Shop Base Page still direct to the original shop page. That setting seems to alter the way the page works because when I made my new page the shop base, it removed my image again.



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    every single forum I have ever used… has an option to send a pm

    This is a community forum. PMs have absolutely no community benefit.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 18 total)
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