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  • Hello,

    does anyone know if I can change a category to sort posts in chronological order instead of the usual backwards? Would be nice if I got a special field in the Manage Categories where you can choose what field to use when sorting, and in which direction.

    This approach sounds kind of like a plugin, and I’m sure someone might find the idea interesting for their own blog.

    Thank you in advance.

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  • You’re in luck, there is a plugin! 🙂 Custom Query String. Although, you can only control categories as a whole (and different archives etc.)

    I’m sure with some changes to .htaccess, changing the sorting of only certain categories is possible too. I just don’t know about that stuff
    (Or make a feature request to the plugin author…)

    Thanks Minna. I downloaded the plugin and installed it and it doesn’t really fit my needs as you said since it’ll affect all categories as a whole.

    I did however make a comment on the authors website, but I doubt that I’ll see my feature being added since it’s not really what the plugin is supposed to do in the first place.

    Anyone else know of any plugins or hacks that could help me out.

    thank you all in advance. (^^ )

    I’m not really a code guru so I can’t just give you a chunk of code that will work, but there might be a way to do this with conditional tags.

    In your archive template there will be a series of loop tags starting with <?php if (is_category()) { ?>. Let’s say I wanted to have a different loop on archive pages for category 7.

    Now, I *think* it would be something like this:

    <?php if ( (in_category('7')) ) { ?>
      (code for only category 7 here)
    <?php elseif ( !(in_category('7')) ) { ?>
      (code for all other catagory pages here)

    Problem is, I don’t know what you would put for that specific code even if this does work. You could try leaving a comment at the developer’s site. The inspiration for this solution comes from this post.

    query_posts(); function that kind of fits my needs, but it must be called before the loop.. the in_category() is called inside the loop, so the question is: can in_category() be put anywhere inside my index.php ?

    I did file a feature request on the (bugtracker), so hopefully they won’t turn it down. Making this either a standard feature or a plugin would be very helpful instead of forcing people to “hack”.

    I had originally planned to use Pages for it, or build a seperate webpage system for it, but having everything in one system seems a lot more intuitive and makes it easier to manage and update.

    Sorting Categories

    Okay, here is my woeful story. I wanted my categories to be arranged by MY CHOICE, not by name, not by ID, date or anything else. My Order. It had to do with the importance of the subjects as well as the length of the words graphically.

    Since list_cats() is restricted to name or ID, and the query possibilities wouldn’t give me the custom list I desired, I went into the database and manually changed the ID number of every category (at the time I had 36, now I have almost 50, I think) into the order I wanted them to be in.

    There, I told myself, it was done and I didn’t have to worry about it any more. I had imposed my control on everything.


    I then had to go in and change all the Parent/Children relationships between the categories so the “baseball cap” would show up under “hats” and not “shoes” kinda thing. But that would do it.


    Now, all the posts were still associated with their category ID number which now had a different name. So posts about choosing a baseball bat were now under the category of choosing baseball shoes. Poop!

    I tried going in and manually changing the database, but I have over 500 posts and every one is now in a different category. Even UPDATE SQL wasn’t working for me, though I could have done it. It required a lot more concentration and stradegy than I could do at the time. I’m wiser now.

    Enter the incredible and amazing ColdForged with his brilliant Enhanced View of the Post Manage Admin Screen that saved me HOURS of work. Combined with the also incredible, Batch Categories add on (not plugin – though they are working on it), which allows for batch editing, sorting, and finding of posts by category. Amazing! These two things totally saved my life with this idiot thing I did. It has been two months and I’m still finding miss-filed posts, but I think they are almost all cleaned up.

    Moral of the story? Think through your categories totally before you begin, or make your changes before you add posts, or make your changes when you have less than 5 categories. Otherwise, take about a week out of your life to clean it all up if you have more than a couple hundred posts….though the plugins certainly helped tremendously.

    Tread carefully. This is nothing to take lightly and backup backup backup backup!

    Oh, and my site isn’t about baseball, it just worked better for an analogy.

    Well, Lorelle, the issue here is not the listing of category links (in sidebar or whatever) but the order the posts are shown on the page (when viewing archives). Keikenti wants them starting from the oldest (in some categories) instead of the newest.

    I’m pretty sure writing a special .htaccess rewrite rule with a &order=ASC in the query string (= parametre in the url) should work (as a desperate, temporary fix 🙂 ), I just don’t know the syntax of those or in which order conflicting rules are interpreted… (the one close to the bottom is obeyed?)

    Yes, it is the order in which the posts are listed I’m looking for. I’m using /index.php/%post_id% as my permanent link structure, so .htaccess won’t help me much.

    My dear condolences, Lorelle… from someone who had the same idea and went ‘pfft I don’t care I can do that later.’


    “You’re in luck, there is a plugin! 🙂 Custom Query String. Although, you can only control categories as a whole (and different archives etc.)”

    I’ve just installed this plugin and wish to advise that you can, in fact, set conditions for specific categories. Matt must have addressed that shortcoming since that original post.

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