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  • I was wondering… there are a few plugins out there which let you change your default smilies. Reading the comments for these releases it seems like trecherous buggy waters to venture into. Another page had a long explanation on how to change your config php file to show different smilies.

    Question: Isn’t it possible to just change the images in the smilies folder? Or do they have to have the same byte size or something like that? Seems like such a simple thing but I don’t know how the smilies work and I’m nervous about screwing up something important.


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  • I don’t think that the file size of a smilie is important – however the name and file type is. So if the file is named smile.gif then you need to make sure that your file is exactly the same. You could replace the default smilies but you would be restricted to the default set. And editing core files when you are nervous is never a good thing =OP

    There is a lovely plugin called More Smilies over at Matt’s Googly Site which I have been using for 3 months and not had a problem with.

    The good thing about it is you can add whatever smilies you like and decide how you want to type them. The code is easy and self explanatory (and since it is a plugin you can always delete and start again if you get stuck without screwing up your blog) and I have had great fun adding my own smilies – which you can see in action HERE. =O)

    Thank you for answering!

    I did find the More Smilies plugin after posting here, but I haven’t tried it yet since the comments to that plugin are riddled with people with different Fatal Errors as a result of trying it. Seems a bit excessive just for a few smilies.

    I don’t really need more than the default ones anyway, but it would be good to have them appear a bit fresher than the default ones.

    I installed that plugin and love it! I did delete the default smilies and uploaded my own. You have to give each of them an individual code such as 😉 for a wink smilie, or 🙁 for a sad smilie. And you have to remember what the code is for each one. ( gave them a word so that I could remember what the code was when I wanted to use it. Like a sad smilie, instead of using 🙁 I used 🙁
    And a smilie with the tongue sticking out, I used :p: , smiling smilie is 🙂

    Works like a charm!

    Is this for the comments text box?

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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