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  • I’ve been trying to incorporate some designs into specific parts of my site. More specifically an image behind the comic wrap where the comic sits and custom button images for my menu on the left a little like this.

    I’ve tried adding background: url (imagepath) to the .comic-wrap in the css but I couldn’t get it working.

    You can see on the site that I got the menu images a bit but it only reveals a small part of the image.

    If anyone can help me with these it would be much appreciated.

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  • Your problem is that you are setting a background image in something that is smaller than the background image.

    For instance your home link, it is 34px * 15px.
    Your home-button is 185px * 50px.

    Now the question might come to mind: How to do this?
    Your current menu is text-based and has a background image.
    Even though you can actually style the LI-element or the A, I guess you want your entire button to be clickable.

    You can trigger this via. JQuery, though I prefer doing it the “Old skool way” with transparent <img>.

    I’d do something like:

      <a href="">
        <img src="/path/to/trans.gif" width="185px" height="50px" alt="Home" />

    There are many ways to do this, depending on how much you wish to code.. The most “silly” and simple way, is to just make this a static menu.. Or you can code some way to dynamically making the menu with the images.

    Ps. I would still set the background image with the transparent gif. I have done something similar with a map once, and often I do it with header images.

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