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    I need several custom sidebars for specific pages. I am hoping someone can tell me how to create them with Expressions. also, how can I edit the font and size of text in a text widget in the custom sidebars?

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  • Theme Author kevinhaig


    Hi inventorgeorge

    Expressions allows you to use 6 custom sidebars. Drag your widgets to any of the six listed in the admin panel. When you setup your page, choose the default template. At the bottom, below the content area is an Expressions Options Section. You can pick the sidebar you want to use there, and on which side you want it.

    To change the font size add the following to your css

    #sidebar-right,#sidebar-left {
    	font-size: 1.00em;

    and change the font-size to whatever you want. 1.00em is 14 px.

    If you are making a lot of changes see the post on my website for using child themes, or checkout Childthemes

    Also Expressions has detailed documentation available at the demo site.

    Hi Kevin:
    Thank you – that gets me over a hurdle. May I ask another question [or 2]?

    How do I delete an added sidebar? Just to test, I added a new sidebar to a page. If I can’t delete it [not just remove from page], how can I rename it?
    Can I rename any of the standard sidebars?
    Thank you most kindly,

    Theme Author kevinhaig


    Do you mean you added a new sidebar in funstions.php and then in a pages code? If so just remove the code, or replace the files with the original ones.

    I don’t understand why you would want to rename a sidebar…the name does not appear on any page on your website, just the content of the sidebar. If you need another sidebar with different content , use one of the other sidebars.

    Unfortunately, Kevin, I have no experience whatever with HTML coding. I am limited to WYSIWYYG changes only.
    I created a new sidebar by going to a page, then down to sidebar, then “enter new.” I can then use that sidebar on any page, but can’t change it’s name, or delete it. You are right, the name does not show up anywhere, so it really does not matter, only for easily understanding the purpose of that sidebar.
    I really appreciate your inputs. Being new at this, I feel like I am swimming my way through jello.

    Theme Author kevinhaig


    I’m still not quite sure what you are doing. Are you using a sidebar plugin, because any sidebar I have developed in Expressions is already named, and the name can’t be changed. Let me try to explain a bit further.

    When you create a new page and you are using a sidebar enabled page template (such as the default template) you can select from 11 sidebars located in a drop-down list. The drop-down list is located in an Expressions Page Options Panel below the content area of the Page you are editing. The possibles are ; default, 404, about, blog, contact, and sidebar_1 through sidebar_6.

    You can also pick the side on which the sidebar appears, left or right.

    In Appearance => widgets you can populate the sidebars with the widgets that are available. Just drag the widget to the sidebar, and that widget should appear wherever you have selected to use that sidebar. The default sidebar is also used for specific pages such as the single, author, category, tag, date, and search pages.

    You can use any of the sidebars on any page you create. If you want to use a special sidebar for a specific page, just select sidebar_1, and don’t use that sidebar anywhere else. Then go into the widget panel and populate sidebar_1 with the widgets you want.

    Can you give me you website address so I can take a look at what you are doing?

    Hope this helps

    Kevin, this is getting strange.
    You say that the number of sidebars is fixed, and cannot have a name change. So the sidebars are hard coded, not variable.
    If I open a page, and go down to sidebar, I can select sidebars as you say. However, I clicked on the “enter new” just below the selection box, and the box became empty, and I typed in a name for a sidebar. I saved that, and then I had 12 sidebars. I’ve done that twice more, and now I have 14 sidebars. however, having done that, now I can only select one of the “new” sidebars for a page, the standard ones are no longer in the drop down selection box.
    If you wish, take a look. Do you still have the admin log in information?
    I am fairly certain that before I added the first “new” sidebar, I could select any of your standard ones for a page, but now only the new ones. I haven’t tested to see how many of them I can create. Plus, now I don’t know if something can blow up at me because it appears I am doing something you did not intend. If this works without any nasty side effects [pun intended], then your theme can support all the sidebars a user could want – possibly.
    Am I screwing things up???

    Oh, no, I am not using any sidebar plugin. I have your theme, and active plugins are Wishlist member and an editor – PlugNedit. When I say there are 14 sidebars, appearance> widgets, it shows 14 of them.

    Theme Author kevinhaig


    I see from your past posts that you were using “Simple Page Sidebars”. Are you still using that plugin?

    You have never given me the login info and I do not want it.

    If your site is live please provide a web address so I can take a look at it.

    Theme Author kevinhaig


    So I downloaded the “Simple Page Sidebars” plugin and it looks to me like that is what you are talking about.

    I can’t help you with that because I did not develop the plugin. You shouldn’t need it anyway.

    Kevin, you are absolutely right! I’ve installed numerous plugins, and deactivated almost all of them. I did not notice that the Simple Page Sidebar was active.
    My apology for confusing this entire issue with that oversight. As I said before, I am quite new at this, and I find myself making “newbie” errors.
    Thank you for your very kind help – AND pointing out my biggest error in this.

    PS the site is live [but not publicized anywhere so no traffic other than me] at

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