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  • Resolved grannydj


    I’d like my custom box to look just like the sidebar boxes. I followed all the instructions to the letter. The plugin is enabled.
    I placed (C&P then added my colors)in the custom CSS text box on the plugin with the following code:
    .scbb-content-box-hambone {
    border:1px solid #cccccc;

    I made sure the custom CSS was relayed properly in the file manager and it was.

    Highlighted the code I wanted to place in my custom box and selected SCBox in the bar. Made sure my custom name was entered

    [color-box-hambone] my image and my text [/color-box]

    and this is what I get when I preview my page (both in private or published mode):

    What am I missing? Thanks for your help.

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  • Plugin Author jp2112


    The format of the shortcode is as follows:

    [color-box color="hambone"]Here is some text[/color-box]

    The name of the color should be passed via the “color” parameter as above. I tested it on my site and it works using the custom CSS you provided.

    Thanks for the rating, this is a free plugin and I provide support in my free time. The usage of the shortcode is described in the plugin documentation, see FAQ. There are also PHP and shortcode examples on the plugin settings page if you click the Parameters tab. I don’t know how I can make it any plainer.

    The rating is justified.

    Whether you know it or not, our time is just as valuable as yours. I needed help and you did not, and still have not provided the support I need to get your plugin to work on my site.

    Obviously, I’m not an idiot. I’m glad my CSS work-up is working on your end. It’s not on MINE. I followed your instructions exactly. Cleared all the caches, logged out, waited and logged in again. I only have 4 plugins activated. I tried every which way and the custom shortcode will not work for me.

    When I put in the shortcode like you stated above, I get nothing. It’s like I never placed it at all. I even tried different color combinations and still nothing.

    Your explanation above is a cop out. There’s got to be a reason why the custom shortcode is not working and I’m not an intermediate coder. That’s why I turned to you. Repeating yourself does not help me (or anyone else) solve this problem with your plugin. Hence, the other low score.

    Thank you for the no-help. I don’t know how I can make it any plainer.

    Plugin Author jp2112


    I gave you the correct shortcode format above. There must be something else going on, maybe a caching plugin that is trying to minify the CSS. Or possibly there may be a collision with another plugin. I don’t know your specific setup. Perhaps if you check your PHP error log, there might be something there that could point to the issue.

    Moderator Jan Dembowski


    Brute Squad and Volunteer Moderator

    Whether you know it or not, our time is just as valuable as yours.

    Your explanation above is a cop out.

    Thank you for the no-help. I don’t know how I can make it any plainer.

    @grannydj I get that you’re frustrated but keep in mind that the plugin author isn’t the one with a problem to solve. You may want to tone your replies down and please be respectful.

    This plugin is free, the author is supporting it on his own time for free. You won’t get assistance from anyone that way and you can always just not use that plugin.

    Jan- I apologize for loosing it. It is a great plugin, just wasn’t working for me and I couldn’t get any help with solving it, which is unusual. I didn’t have an attitude until I received one. Have a good one.

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