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    This theme is really great.

    Only one thing bothers me: the standard custom CSS in WordPress is disabled and replaced by the OceanWP specific area (with the JS custom area)

    The problem with this OceanWP CSS zone is that it is only CSS, while the standard WP zone supports SCSS if Jetpack is installed.

    Would it be possible to reactivate the standard WP zone, or that the OceanWP CSS zone supports SCSS?

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  • Hello,

    Go to Dashboard > Theme Panel and uncheck the Custom CSS section to disable it. Check it resolves the issue or not.

    Well, that just hides the Ocean CSS/JS panel, but the standard WP CSS is still not accessible.

    Try to switch the theme temporarily to default WordPress theme – twenty nineteen and check the CSS section appears or not. You can also add the SCSS code using the OceanWP child theme.

    Using twenty-nineteen, the standard WP CSS section is active normally, and the CSS code in this section is included in the page:

    Switching back to OceanWP, the standard WP CSS section is visible only if jetpack is active… but without the text area for the CSS:
    With Jetpack deacivated, the WP CSS section is just not there.
    Also, the CSS in the Ocean CSS section is not the same content as what I had in the original CSS section:
    On the displayed page, only the Ocean CSS is used.

    So it is clearly 2 different sections, and the content of the original CSS is just ignored.

    While it is a nice addition to have included a JS section, I don’t understand the need to replace the original CSS section with yours when it is less useful than the original one.

    Update: If I deactivate the “Ocean Extra” plugin, the original WP CSS/SCSS section works fine and is used to display the site

    update 2: after I reactivated the “Ocean Extra” plugin, what was in the OceanWP CSS section was replaced by what I had put in the original CSS section, but more important: the Ocean CSS section now properly understand SCSS!!!

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    • This reply was modified 1 year, 1 month ago by liane.

    That’s odd. I tried it on my end and SCSS is not working in Ocean Custom CSS/JS section. I think it works when jetpack enabled but I’m not sure.

    Yes, that’s right, you need Jetpack to translate SCSS into CSS, but the point here is that the “Ocean Extra” plugin and Jetpack are not playing really nice together, the plugin trying to hide the WP section and Jetpack forcing it to show, but not quite right.

    Okay, we will see what we can to fix it. Thank you for pointing on this issue.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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