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    Theme author or community can you help me, please? I’m so frustrated because I’ve the same issue described in this thread: but I’m not be able to manage my database like a programmer… I can’t change mysql data without more information: after than I open (by phpmyadmin) wp_option table what do I have to do? I can see three fields: 1.option_id 2.option_name 3.option_value and 4.autoload. How/where can I found the variable _transient_travelify_headercode? I’m so worried to do wrong things…
    Thank you so much if you will help me

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  • Ok, I’ve found and deleted the variable “_transient_travelify_headercode”, but I can still see Google script in the source code of web pages… Do I have to delete something else?

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    1. Always make sure that you have backup in place. If you have accessed database using phpmyadmin it is very easy to hit export. That way you can play around database and doesn’t risk to break thing completely.

    2. I can’t recall exact function names I used for this as these scripts were removed almost a year ago. Try to look for option_name that contains (there is option for that in phpmyadmin search ) travelify and see what is there. You will definitely find the right option as there aren’t many that contains travelify

    And then remove the entire row.

    Another options is to download some early version of this theme from here:

    Enable it and remove script via Theme Options and then update to latest version. Not the cleanest way around but it will get the job done.

    Let me know if that helps.

    Thank you Sir for your quick response! I’ve just tried to delete more than one time the entire row but the DB has recreated it everytime… If I try the second method that you have described it will be dangerous for my website? I always update my site, I’ve never downgraded it…

    Theme Author Silkalns


    There shouldn’t be any major issues since not much has changed from database perspective. Just make sure that you have full backup in place before you attempt it.

    In worst case scenario you will lose some customization to theme but all your data will be in place but like I said, make sure you have backup.

    Thank you very much Sir, I’ve solved the issue with your help (downgrade works well), I can mark this topic as solved.
    Best regards,

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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