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  • My company has several ecommerce sites and we have a blog that talks about them all and the latest news in our industry. We want to create a feed just for our new products in which the users can subscribe. This feed or posts wont show up on the regular blog but only in the feed if they choose to subscribe. The post Title has to link to the products page and no where on our blog.

    My question is, what is the best way to go about this. I have researched on here and of course googled around a bit. I tried creating a custom RSS feed but my PHP and knowledge of template tags aren’t the best. I want to be able to have this RSS feed only grab the post from the category of new products, when a site admin makes a post in this category it doesn’t show on the site and the title links to that products page on the external site. I know there is that category visiblity plugin and the questions that were on that didn’t fully get answered.

    I have seen other sites that have their main blog feed and a new products feed, so I know its possible. Are they doing this most likely outside of wordpress on their own servers and scripts to dynamically generate these feeds and then burning them through feedburner. I saw that the one site that is doing it, the feed is just linked to the feedburner feed.

    Any Help will be greatly appreciated, there isn’t a lot of useful documentation on how to do complex customization of the RSS Feed templates and the use of template tags inside of them.

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  • take a look at the podpress plugin, and its optional_files that enable category casting, this might work for you.

    you would use something like only podcasts only stuff (all of them)


    Thanks I will look into using this, but it seems more of a hack then doing it right for a true custom feed, since it is used mainly for podcasts, and the main functionality we want is to have the post title link to an external site product page.


    its not a hack 🙂 its for podcasting, now you say you want to point to an external product link which is not podcasting…

    What we want to do has nothing to do with podcasting, I’m trying to set up a RSS feed to post about our new products and only have that be in a Feed and not posted in the blog and have the post titles link to the product page on an external site

    I guess really All I am wanting to know is how to create a custom RSS template that only grabs a certain category and in this template make it so the post title can link to an external site.

    I know you can have feeds to certain categories easily but we have to create a custom template I am guessing to have the functionality of the post title linking externally

    To make the post title to link somewhere else – you need to do it while writing the post, otherwise automatically it is linked to the permalink of the post.
    You cannot do it “later” or only in the feed – how could any script know WHERE do you want to link the individual posts???

    As it was suggested:
    – make a separate category for these posts
    – exclude that cat from showing up on the frontpage (or to be even listed)
    – use the category feed to syndicate

    and finally, use the Redirectify plugin to make the posts titles to go somewhere else.

    As it was suggested:
    – make a separate category for these posts
    – exclude that cat from showing up on the frontpage (or to be even listed)
    – use the category feed to syndicate

    Can you elaborate on the use of a category feed to syndicate? Is that an option or a pluggin that would all one to just syndicate a specific category? Thanks.

    Category feeds are built-in to WordPress. (assuming pretty permalinks) will show a list of articles in category foo, right?

    Just add /feed to it to get a feed for articles in the category foo.

    More at WordPress_Feeds

    doh! well that was easy! 🙂

    I got a “News” category that I should want to show up up as a mini callout to the main blog content.

    So, thank you, and with the RSS widget, this works like a charm.

    WordPress RULEZ!

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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