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  • Hi all!
    Please forget my very bad english !

    I’ve set the plugin PWACM (private-wordpress-access-control-manager) to allow all posts (and others things), and I’ve also “denied” with PWACM one Categorie (“PRIVE”). It seems to work as I need it when I use the standard roles (Post of categorie “PRIVE” accessible only for any role connected), but with a custom role connected (CapsMan plugin used), the post keeps to be not accessible when connected.
    I’ve explored (I’m a very newbie) the code of PWACM, and I’ve seen that some lines (only 2) have the standard roles writed in it… Is the plugin PWACM compatible with custom roles of the CapsMan plugin? If not, can we change those PWACM lines with our customized roles ?

    My goal is to have a blog with 3 levels of view:
    1) Not connected (but more than only the front page and Home page, PWACM plugin used)
    2) Connected (But with customized named roles, CapsMan plugin used)
    3) Connected and member of a group (UAM plugin used)
    When a post is published, it is by default for the middle level (category PRIVE by default, but not affected to UAM groups)

    Any idea ?

    Best regards,

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  • Hi all !

    I’ve found the answer by myself :

    The PWACM is not totally compatible with customized roles, because it’s code is based on the old roles “hierarchy” (subscriber<contributor<author<editor<admin). But there is a solution : you can use the old “level_X” capability in the capabilities setting form of the plugin.

    But nevertheless I’ve a little bit modified the code for better integration with customized roles.


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