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  • I would love some help and thoughts on this. I have been working on testing comparison of PODS vs. Custom types for this and here are the issues.

    It seems that WP doesn’t allow any mixed parent/child relationship with custom types that are hierarchical.

    Summary scope:

    * List creation system using “List” objects and “item” objects
    * Users can CRUD lists
    * Users can create child items for their own lists
    * Items have a (many-item -> 1-list) relationship
    * Users must ONLY have edit rights to their content (list, items)

    Custom Types (CONS):

    Has issues with relational setup; hierarchical custom types can only be related to the same custom type. Meaning, I can’t create two custom type “lists” and “items” and have the “item edit” GUI have a related to list functionality based on lists that user has added only.

    Custom Types (PROS):

    I can take advantage of the “Members” plugin for user role based permissions and the ACL. PODS hasn’t quite gotten to where I can allow a newly registered user to easily only access their created content vs. all pods based content in the system.

    PODS (CONS):

    Again, the user permissions are the big issue for me. I don’t have an easy way for a user to only see a queried set of ONLY their lists when choosing to add items.

    PODS (PROS):

    * The relationship capability makes setting up lists -> items super easy
    * The UI is out-of-the-box good, plus I have greater code editing control to enhance it

    Please let me know your thoughts.

    Thanks for your time.

    * Sean

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