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  • Hi all! I’ve been searching around forever trying to find this functionality in a WP plugin.

    I need to be able to provide specific documents, invoices, and contact forms per user via their profile pages (or even create custom user pages). The users should be able to log in and see their relevant information. User “A” would see only user “A’s” documents, invoices, etc. In other words, a “client/user portal.” Is there any way to edit the profile pages to enable this functionality? Is there a plugin that does all of this that I’m not aware of? I have yet to find a solution that is newer than two years old and that actually works. I’ve searched everywhere and thought that someone here may hold the solution.

    Thanks for any help everyone!!!

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  • Drew Jaynes


    WordPress Core Developer

    Your first stop should be the Author Templates Codex page. That should get you on the right track with pulling author info outside the Loop.

    As far as plugins are concerned, I haven’t really seen anything that does what you describe. You could create custom profile fields and then output them on the author page using the $curauth array.

    Sorry I couldn’t give a more complete answer. Hope that helps.

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