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  • Subject:-Help needed regarding website product sorting order (either need to do a customized sorting/arrangement of products OR need to DISABLE the sorting order option on the shop page)

    I need your help and suggestion regarding the woocommerce website given below. Please let me know if you know any solution for this.

    The problem/issue information is given below:

    Acutal Problem:-

    “Opening Page (Shop page)

    move TheraGar pix to Row 2,
    all Vitamin E C pix & products should be together on Row 3
    GrampaSalve pix to bottom row”

    Problem Description:-

    This website the images/products display settings are showing as default sort, most recent, sort by price,alphabetically.

    Instead of this sorting i need a customized display or custom re-arrangement (like free to move/sort pictures/products upper row/lower/middle) however i like to arrange. I mean for example the images where i move should be fixed by me not any sorting or order designed by its plugin.

    If this sorting issue cannot be fixed or cannot be done means need to know how to DISABLE this feature. So that the format of display will be remains as per the web developer/administrator.

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