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    Weaver II is one of the most powerful WP themes – like its predecessor, the popular Weaver theme, Weaver II is completely customizable from WP admin panel, and therefore puts a great degree of flexibility into the hands of non-technical users who are attracted to WP for its simplicity. While Weaver was based on TwentyTen, Weaver II is based on TwentyEleven.

    Weaver II has provision for choosing the default layout for Blog, Post, Page, Archives etc. i.e. you can tell it to use 3-column layout by default for pages, 2-column for posts, single column for posts with pages, etc.

    The logical next step is for the theme to extend this functionality to custom post types as well. Custom post types is one of the most powerful new features of WP, and a variety of plugins will benefit from this functionality in Weaver II, e.g. bbPress, All-in-One Event Calendar, etc….Admin could specify that default layout for bbPress topic pages is a single column, etc.

    Similarly, would be very cool to be able to specify the page-head-code custom variable for whole custom page types.

    it seems that WP theme reviewers have recently instituted a new policy that any support for Custom Post Types does not belong in themes. They consider it exclusively plugin territory.

    This seems odd.
    1. This is a display/view layer issue.
    2. It doesn’t seem like WP plans to add this as standard support.
    3. The plugins (e.g. bbPress) regularly refuse to add this sort of functionality, saying themes should handle this not them.
    4. If a theme developer is willing to put in the effort and plugin developer is not, why deny the users the feature?

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