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  • Hello.

    This might be made, But then I’m to dumb to find it anywhere.

    Its like, If you create a new custom page, then i want it to be able to make more than one post in there, and diffrent catagories than from the other custom pages.

    So when you go to a new custom page, You could see new catagories and post, that wasn’t showed on the other custom pages.

    Is there made a plugin for this? Or haven’t this been made yet?

    Feel free to post if you have any questions to this request and i will glady answer.

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  • You don’t even need to create Pages to display posts that belong to a category. Use a Category Widget to display your list of Categories in your sidebar, then click on one of those links to see the posts in that category. Switch to the WordPress Default theme if necessary to see how it works.

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    But is there anyway to do this with the pages?
    Because the design of the page selector does fit more into the theme than what you’ve just explained.



    Watch it at Computer-NewZ , and then you might then the meaning of what Im saying. 🙂

    So when you click a new page in the ‘tab’ in the top, Then the catagories on the left, should change into the catagories that belong to that page.

    And you should be able to add more than one post to each page, that aint the ‘home’ page. Because i can only write 1 news on each custom page, Instead of diffrent each time i post on the custom pages.

    On that site, the About, Gaming, etc tabs at the top are just Pages.

    Yes, Thats where im asking if there was anyway to display news on these sites, without having to add those manualy ex. having to edit the html?

    Sorry, still not understanding. Are you asking to display posts in pages? If so, see using Page templates?

    I found a plugin though the link you gave me.

    Called Inline post plugin.

    But my request was that you could do what the plugin could do, but just in you admin cp.

    Its just, So you can make a post to draft, take the id, and goto the page you want, and then do [[post-id]]. and it will write it as if it was a post.


    But that was only one of the things that I’ve wanted.

    Next thing is so, when you goto a new page, new catagories should be able to be selected.

    So everytime you goto a new page, New catagories sould be on the left side, in the sidebar.

    If you get my point?

    So everytime you goto a new page, New catagories sould be on the left side, in the sidebar.

    Use a Category Widget or the template tag, wp_list_categories(), in your sidebar.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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