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  • When I first started my site, I made a bunch of categories in order to group posts so they can be seen on a nav and listing pages. Now I am working with custom posts, mostly because it enables me to make different write pages with specific meta boxes for each type of post, unlike categories. My categories, though, are obsolete now since I seem to be copying the category structure to post types (Events, Releases, etc)…

    So of course I want to see listing pages of one post type, similar to category pages, and I need the post types to show up in the nav. I’ve been reading in the forums though that you have to jump through some hoops to accomplish this and I’m concerned it may not be SEO friendly: like in this post

    Am I using the post type wrong then and should stay with categories? Again, I like the way categories can be displayed on the site (nav menu, listing pages)… although I don’t see real write ui customization based on category – like I do with post type.

    I have been looking at this lately though that seems to give me what I need:

    ANy advice appreciated. I just don’t want to make a decision that I will regret later… especially if I am misunderstanding the way categories and post types work.

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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