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  • Will Relevanssi work with Custom Post types, or does it only look at posts and pages? I’m guessing it should be easy to support since at the db level it’s still just a post in the $wpdb->posts table.

    How about custom taxonomies, though? If I create a new taxonomy and use it with a custom post type, will Relevanssi index those in the same way it indexes tags?

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  • If you choose to only index posts or pages, it will add a restriction to the post type. However, if you choose “both”, then there’s no restriction and the only limit is post_status set to “publish”. In that case everything will be indexed.

    Custom taxonomies aren’t supported yet, but if there’s a way to get a list of taxonomies available, adding an option to index all of them would be simple (indexing only some of them isn’t much harder, but takes more UI stuff).

    Next version will have custom taxonomies indexing.

    Version 1.8, out Real Soon, will have support for custom post types and custom taxonomies.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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