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  • Hi,

    I´m working on the development of a web publication where there´s the need for multiple content types:

    1. Calendar (that will be handled with a plug in)
    2. Articles secction
    3. News secction
    4. Directory (maybe I use a plug in for this one)
    5. Product reviews secction

    My doubt is how to tackle all this kinds of content, what would be the best aproach regarding custom post types:

    1. Setup custom post types and custom taxonomies without plugins
    2. Or use plugins like or
    3. Or maybe a combination of both (using the plugins only for the directory and product reviews secction).

    I´m not that Php savvy and any guidance or pointers I can get will be greatly appreciated.

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  • I’m here if you have any Pods questions, but I’m not sure most of this will be super easy without knowing PHP. If you want a custom site, it’s going to take some code.

    If you’re only registering the post types / taxonomies and don’t need the extra features, do it without plugins. If you need the rest, consider Pods 2.0 as it does that for you, among other things. It uses transients and caching, so the fact that Pods does the registering of the post types / taxonomies, is really of no performance difference than if you were to do it yourself without a plugin. Pods gives you a pretty easy to use interface to manage things, so it could be a valuable tool for your project’s needs.

    Thanks for the answer!

    I´m gonna take a dive in the Pods Framework thanks for the time and effort to put it together it looks great

    Great, no problem!

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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