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    Upon testing this plugin before purchasing Pro, I noticed that none of our custom post types are being tracked by the Unpublished Content or Content Notification dashboard widgets, or the Revision Queue.

    Our website like many, don’t use the standard WordPress post type. We simply couldn’t justify purchasing in light of this.

    Is this intentional? Or is a fix possible?


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  • Plugin Author Kevin Behrens


    @darrenmooney PublishPress Revisions does support custom post types. To allow the plugin to fully utilize the Post Types API, your post type needs to be defined with public=true. If this is not possible, you can hook into the filter ‘revisionary_enabled_post_types’ to force non-public post types to offer pending revisions. Note that this is an experimental exemption and some functionality may be hindered.

    PublishPress Revisions is not involved in the Unpublished Content or Content Notification dashboard widgets, so you should submit those questions to a different channel.

    Hi Kevin, thanks for the reply.

    Sorry if I’ve posting this issue on the wrong plugin, hard to know which plugin in your suite of plugins does what. Regardless, you’re the developer of them all.

    To the point of public=true, all of my post types are already set to public.

    Here is a test “News” post type that I have published, and then set pending review.

    Despite the fact that I have a variety of articles in various stages, the result it the same, all zeros, and not even a notification.


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    Also, I noticed that you marked this as resolved, despite the fact that it isn’t.

    That’s pretty cheeky, and not inspiring me to purchase this plugin is that if how you treat support requests.

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    Plugin Author Kevin Behrens


    @darrenmooney The main issue here is that setting a post to “Pending Revision” is not the way to put it into the Revision Queue.

    “Pending Review” is a standard pre-publication status defined by WordPress

    “Pending Revision” is an additional workflow status provided by this plugin for moderated changes to published content. There are two ways to create a Pending Revision of a published post:

    • As a Revisor, edit and update a published post. Note that the Revisor role should not be modified to add the edit_published capability.
    • As an Administrator or Editor, tick the “Pending Revision” checkbox (next to the Update button) prior to updating the post.

    For additional documentation on the plugin’s functionality, see

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    Hi Kevin,

    Thanks for the reply, I think my demonstration might not have been clear, I was trying to not reveal real unpublished content.

    We have a variety of content as “Pitch”, “Pending Review” and “Draft” right now, however, as you saw from my previous screenshot, everything shows as zero.

    The widget in the dashboard seems to be the only means by which Editors and Admin can see if there is content to review, because notifications don’t seem to work either for these post types.

    If you would like, I would be happy via private means, to give you a login to see for yourself.


    Plugin Author Kevin Behrens


    Which of our plugins are you running?

    PublishPress Checklists
    PublishPress Revisions

    Plugin Author Kevin Behrens


    @darrenmooney The Unpublished Content dashboard metabox only counts the Post type, and we do not currently modify that behavior.

    If you upgrade to Pro, activate the Permissions Pro plugin and enable Permissions > Settings > Install > Modules > Collaborative Publishing and Status Control modules, then the At a Glance widget is extended like this:

    Again, the Revision Queue is not designed for pre-publication statuses.

    That is all well and good. I was just hoping that this would work.

    But it doesn’t, and you just seem to be side stepping the issue.

    There is just so much about this plugin that doesn’t work as expected, and as a prospective buyer, I’m not impressed. It’s just not intuitive.

    As I said above, I can give you access to our dashboard so that you can see for yourself, but even that was ignored too.

    Plugin Author Kevin Behrens


    @darrenmooney If you have other specific issues to report, we are all ears. If you look through the support history, I think you will find we are quite responsive. However, we cannot provide every feature request on the spot. If the UI or workflow is confusing to you, maybe we can talk it over more tomorrow and see if there are any points of confusion that could be cleared up. But if you need big changes immediately, that’s just not a reasonable expectation.

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    I’m sorry, asking for a base feature to work, is “need[ing] big changes immediately”?

    Have a nice day. 🙂

    Plugin Author Kevin Behrens


    @darrenmooney I was referring to your statements “so much about this plugin that doesn’t work as expected” and “it’s just not intuitive.”

    If there are truly software shortcomings on the scale or quantity you suggest, we are not staffed sufficiently to meet your requirements in a short timeframe.

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