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  • I haven’t installed the most recent beta/alpha versions yet, but I was wondering if anyone had any more information as to what form “Custom Post Types” will take in the upcoming release?

    My understanding is that you’ll be able to create more kinds of content, more than just posts/pages.

    Will they be able to be created by default, or will it still require a plugin to do the heavy lifting?

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  • I believe you would need a plugin as those post types would need to be registered.

    trac tickets:

    I read on that the custom post type UI was on the dev chat agenda last week, but I couldn’t find any additional information about this on, say, wptavern and google. Are you aware of any additional information? Maybe this thread could serve as an information pool for non-dev custom-post-type related information and/or any possible plugins that work with this?

    Yes, I’m curious about this as someone who has experimented around with plugins like “More Fields”, “Flutter”, and “Pods CMS Plugin” as well as other CMS’s that allow you to customize the post type and fields needed per post.

    I’ve done a few searches, but been unable to pull up much information about this upcoming feature.


    just found the log of the relevant dev chat. Basically, it was agreed that the UI is 3.0 territory, and first ideas will be included in trunk after the branching of 2.9 and 3.0-rare versions.

    I’ve used Flutter and Custom Field Template and I think custom field templates could be a good way to start thinking about the development of a Custom Post Type UI. It already has multiple templates and if it could be told to respect registered post types and split the input area over a number of metaboxes.

    The whole point would be to simplify custom field input in the backend and custom field output in the template. Something like an actually working version of Flutter’s get() function would be great.



    Yes, waiting for Custom Post Types in release.

    Kevin Leary


    Anyone know of a place that references how to utilize these new post type changes in 2.9 using raw PHP code, rather than with a plugin?

    My concern is relying on a plugin at this stage, such as Flutter, and having to rebuild a site in a few months when 3.0 comes out with the UI for this.

    Any thoughts? Hopefully flutter comes up with a way to transition their setup to work smoothly and possibly integrate with the new post type UI addition coming in 3.0.



    If you don’t want to get into the code again few months after development, wait for version 3.0, or try to develop your own plugin (if you can) to support custom post types, it will save you time with migration.


    Not sure if this works for WP 2.9, but I think it’s a good starting point for reference in regards to custom post type.

    Developing Post Types Plugin with WordPress

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