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  • Hi there,

    thanks for this great plugin. I have read through the forum and even read through your Wordcamp slides, however I still don’t get it: I need to activate YARP exclusively on 3 custom post types, excluding any pages or posts.

    Could you maybe provide me (and probably others) with a step by step instruction?

    Just fyi, I am using the Genesis framework so if I need to add code at some hook, that’s fine.

    WordPress 3.5
    Linux Server
    Genesis Framework
    Latest stable PBP MySQL

    Thanks for your help!


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  • Do you want to display “related posts” on three custom post types’ pages? Or do you want three custom post types to be the basis for what shows up as “related”?

    All of the above.
    Let’s take this example:

    CPT1: Countries
    CPT2: Cities
    CPT3: Major Attractions

    In the article of CPT1, I would like anything related to the country to appear, which could be a city in that country or an attraction in that country (all identified by the same tag as country).

    Do I make sense? I use different CPT for each as I style my content with WP Types and WP Views, 100% compatible to the WP3 CPT.

    So far I am using NRELATE right now, as it manages this out of the box. However, I did prefer your plugin as it seems lighter on the resources…

    Thanks for your help!

    Hi Michael,

    I’m looking for the same information. However I’m looking to display only related posts of the same custom post type as the custom post that is currently being viewed.

    I got it to work by adding ‘yarpp_support’ to register_custom_post which adds a checkbox in the admin to automatically display the related custom posts under the content but I would like to manually add the related posts to my theme, like adding related_posts(). Is there something along the lines of related_custom_posts() that I should be using?

    @titush sorry, I’m a little confused by your setup. How are you encoding the fact that certain Attractions and Cities are associated with certain Countries?

    @roberturidge The function you want is yarpp_related(). If you want, you can manually specify yarpp_related(array('post_types' => array(...))). More info on the arguments yarpp_related takes is in the readme.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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