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Custom Post Types Edit on website

  • We are currently building a mini portal where clients can login using wordpress. It is working really well but we have run in to an issue.

    We have created a custom post type called music where people can create a post (“music Post type”) via Gravity forms. This is about working which is great. We can then display this data from a table showing the latest Music Posts.

    What we now need to do is allow the logged in user to edit that post type without going in to the wordpress backend. They need to be able to do it on a page on the site. (e.g. goal is that they do not know we are working with WP). How would we create a page template to allow this to work?

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  • That is probably a lot of work. You’d have to give the user some form inputs, use the proper WordPress functions to handle the post data, and be completely paranoid about data sanitization.

    Chech the codx for functions for insert post & update post meta and you’ll get the idea.

    Or maybe I misunderstood you. You want users to be able to edit the attributes of the custom post type? I think you’d have more luck if you addressed this specifically as a gravity form question.

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