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  • Hi everyone, im currently experimenting with custom post types. i have had a look at: custom-post-type-ui found here


    types: found here

    its pretty simple to make the post type, however i need to style these post types with classes. How do i assign a “field” in the custom post type a class? like lets say i want a custom post type for a estate agent.

    i would need a image, text and price.- how do i then style the image different to other images on the site, and how can i format the text and price separately?

    To go a little further im trying to create custom post types and understand it then i want to create a mobile app using wordpress and jquery mobile with custom post types. I know the plugin types has anothe rpaid plugin to style, however if i learn this i can benefit more from it later.

    Ive had a look around and it seems easy, however im no pro, so some guidance would be appreciated. I read that you can use a slug to style the class css? is this true? HOW so if so?

    is there another easier way to achieve what im looking to do? I have had a look at this plugin scripts-n-styles: found here.

    im wondering if i can use this to add all my classes i need? how would i add jquery codes after installing the library? i would like to be able to add jquery elements as a class for mobile devices.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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