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  • I’ve used custom post types which I created using the plugin WP Post Type UI and it used to work just fine.

    Now after upgrading to WP 3.1 I find that my custom post type entries are no longer editable and all I can find is a View button when I go the Custom Post type page, the posts are there but I can no longer edit or delete them.

    Is that some kind of bug or did I do something wrong?

    Hope there is a solution for this so I don’t have to recreate it all from scratch.


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  • I’m having the same issue and concerns as well. I hope there is a way for this to be fixed thru the custom post type ui.

    Be sure to post Plugin-specific support queries directly through the Plugin-specific support forum, which for the Custom Post Type UI Plugin, is here:

    Doing so will ensure that the topic is tagged with the Plugin name, and the Plugin developer is also more likely to see your topic, and be able to help you.

    To be more specific:

    On some custom posts I only see the options “View” and “Purge from Page Cache,” and on others, the custom posts won’t even show up even though there are custom posts shown as “published” under the “Custom Post Types” tab on the left.

    I attempted to solve this issue by deleting the custom post type and then re-entering the same information, deactivating and reactivating plugin, visiting the permalinks section and saving, and upgrading both the plugin and wordpress itself.

    Please let me know if a solution is readily available.

    Dear bmil21:
    Yes, that’s exactly what I have on my site.

    Hope there is a solution for this as well.




    Has anyone found a fix for this yet? Deleting and recreating the post type doesn’t seem to fix it. Still can’t edit any of the past posts.




    Hi Will:

    Yes, I’ve found a solution and written about it in detail on my blog here,

    Hope you find it helpful and let me know if you face any problems using it.


Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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