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  • Please point me in the right direction for this task:

    I have a number of conversational audio files (mostly .mp3’s) already stored within Amazon S3. I would like to create a Rolodex-like database within my WP website that will contain descriptive info on all my audio files (including such fields as Title, Description and S3 URL).

    Once all of my audio files have been thusly categorized I would then be able to create WP pages that display directories of all these files – including links to play each audio file.

    I assume that to accomplish this likely means I will need to create a new Custom Post Type to store this audio file info. Once the new Post type is defined I can then use Gravity Forms to create a data entry form that I can then use to populate my new database.

    However, for each audio file that I input into my new Custom Post Type I would also like to create a separate WP “landing page” but I am uncertain how best to proceed:

    Each automatically-created “landing page” would have two purposes:

    1. because it would have a unique SEO-friendly URL then I could include that URL in emails, tweets, and other social media marketing campaigns that might focus on an individual audio file, and

    2. as a group those landing pages could provide additional fodder for Google’s SEO robots.

    My question is: how do I best create a data entry form (either with or without the use of Gravity Forms) that not only lets me input the descriptive info and S3 pointer for each of my audio files but also will create a separate “landing page” for each such entry?

    Bonus Question: can I easily create multiple “landing pages” each time I complete a data entry form? (this would be useful if I ever need to do A/B testing of my landing pages)

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