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  • Hi Craig,

    If I understand your query correctly, you should be able to accomplish this using Categories instead of creating CPTs (Custom Post Types).

    Your “service-1, service-2, and service-3” would simply be different categories of your blog.

    Then, you would create menu items that link to the specific blog categories in order to separate them and make them navigable for users.

    Make sense?

    Hi Adam,

    Thanks for your swift response. Always appreciated 🙂

    I initially thought of using the Category function but found that in the URL, the ‘category’ term would be visible. The process I am looking for is:
    This would be a page dedicated to providing a breakdown of the service.
    This would be a page that gives a breakdown of the overall preparation process as well as links to each blog posted.
    This would be a series of blog posts that spoke at depth about specific features within service-1 among other relevant posts.

    I would then replicate this process for each service.

    Does that make sense?

    Once again, thanks for your fast response. 🙂



    Hi Craig,

    1. You can change the “category” slug in WordPress to whatever you want, but that is global so probably won’t get you where you need to be.

    2. In your examples, I’m thinking that they could be pages and then on the ones you want actual blog posts listed, you might use a plugin like this to list posts from a specific category: (there may be others too)

    3. Then the question of HOW you want those specific category posts DISPLAYED comes in. The plugin above only lists links of posts titles (I think) and any styling you want them to have is up to you.

    You may be better of creating CPTs with associated taxonomies, but then you’re looking at digging deeper into code and category/page template creation.

    If you go down this route, I’d suggest this CPT generator:

    Hi Adam,

    Thanks for highlighting When considering custom post types, I came across this resource and tried to implement its coding into my website’s function.php file but it did not seem fully compatible with my theme as it somehow resulted in my posts getting deleted as I tried to edit it and then eventually took my website offline. That said, it could had been the way I inputted the coding as custom post types is a new area for me.

    Moving forward, if custom post types is to right direction, then I am happy to invest time in understanding how it works so that I can integrate this into my website. As to ensure I do not invest time in vain, can I confirm that (through I can continue to create pages for me website as normal using the WordPress Dashboard and then create some custom coding so that at the end of each chosen URL string, I can have selected blog posts? In other words:

    Homepage > Service One > Service Process: These pages to be created via the pages tab within the WordPress Dashboard
    Blog Post: The Custom Post Type resource will allow me to create posts as normal within WordPress but then place posts within their desired categories and then ‘attach’ these to the end of the relevant pages as to achieve a typical URL of:

    Apologies if I am using the incorrect terminologies but I hope the above makes sense.

    Thanks for your time with this matter.


Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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