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  • Any thoughts of supporting custom post types?

    I changed wp-dtree-pge.php to do custom post types instead of pages simply changing get_pages to get_posts and adding ‘post_type’=>$post_type,

    It seems to work great using wpdt_list_pages(‘post-type=myposttype’) but of course I can’t do both pages and custom posts at the same time. It shouldn’t take a huge amount of work to duplicate the page stuff and make a separate set for custom posts.


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    Did you try applying this to the other types of trees? It seems to me a custom post type should be applicable to all other views – archives, categories and other taxonomies. The page tree is fairly limited for displaying posts, no?

    I haven’t tried it with the other views, but many if not all would be applicable. I ended up using the modified page view because the custom posts I’m doing have a hierarchy and it works best for me to display them in a tree to show the hierarchy.

    I happen to be using the ‘Custom Post Type UI’ plugin for the custom post types, though there are others out there.

    Hi, just to resurrect this thread – is there anyway I can use this plugin in conjunction with WCK Custom Taxonomies ( ?

    Because when I use your widget ‘wpd-tree taxonomies (beta), the select list ‘show descendants of’ is empty and the next select list ‘only direct children of’ only contains 1 option which is ‘root (0)’.

    Any info much appreciated

    I’ve just been testing out the Taxonomy widget, and it’s “almost” perfect!

    I’m planning on have a number of different custom post types, and I want them all to be subject to one (or more) taxonomy.

    When I assign the taxonomy value “Thing” to one normal Post and one item of a particular Custom Post, your taxonomy widget correctly identifies that there are 2 items within Thing, but when I open up Thing in the widget, it only displays the Post item: the Custom Post item doesn’t appear.

    I’m not a PHP expert, so I haven’t attempted to modify the code, but I’m hoping this is a simple fix.

    Am I right?

    If I end up using this plugin, it’s definitely worth a book or two!



Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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