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  1. Amit
    Posted 6 years ago #

    I created a site where I use custom post types with custom taxonomies.

    When viewing the terms in each taxonomy everything works great (taxonomy is country) i.e. mysite.com/country/city_A or mysite.com/country/city_B but when trying to view mysite.com/country I get a 404, any ideas how can I remedy that or what file name will catch it? I already tried taxonomy.php, taxonomy-country.php and country.php, resaving the permalinks and neither work..

    This also happens with the custom post types, say I have REGION as the custom post type, when I go to mysite.com/region/region_1 it works but when trying mysite.com/region I get a 404 instead a list of all custom posts associated with REGION..

    My last question regards assigning custom taxonomies to a post, I've created a form where a user can submit a post (no through the admin but on the site's front end), so the form handles the creation of a post in the db and assigning it the title and body, what/how would I go about inserting the custom taxonomies with this post (I have an array of terms which will act as the custom taxonomies)?

    Thanks to all readers and answerers!

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