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  • Hi

    I have been trying to solve this for an hour or so, but unfortunately I am not a WordPress expert and would welcome some help.

    I am trying to get pagnation to work for a custom post type “accounting firms” on a page template with slug “page-accountants-logos.php”.

    My code is as follows:

    <div id="content" class="site-content showcase" role="main">
    <?php if ( get_query_var('paged') ) { $paged = get_query_var('paged'); }
    elseif ( get_query_var('page') ) { $paged = get_query_var('page'); }
    else { $paged = 1; }
    $loop = new WP_query( array( 'post_type' => 'accountingfirms', 'posts_per_page' => 3, 'orderby'=> 'menu_order', 'paged'=>$paged ) );
    			while ( $loop->have_posts() ) : $loop->the_post(); ?>
    <div class="firm-logo">
    <a href="<?php the_permalink(); ?>" rel="bookmark">
    <img src=" <?php the_field('firm-logo'); ?>" />
    <h3> <?php the_title();  ?></h3></a>
    </div><!-- .firm-logo -->
    <?php endwhile; ?>
    <div class="alignleft"><?php previous_posts_link('&laquo; Previous') ?></div>
    <div class="alignright"><?php next_posts_link('More &raquo;') ?></div>
    </div><!-- #content -->

    3 posts show in the loop which is correct but no pagnation links are shown at the bottom?

    Any suggestions?

    Thanks for your help in advance.

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