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  • Created a custom post type, put comments on, and it works as a link (going to the single page).
    Add the popup script, and I end with a 404:
    ?comments_popup=# finds “regular” posts, while it seems it doesn’t find the custom post types by post#

    This happens in a ?post_type=myposttype index

    Any suggestion?

    Many thanks

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  • Sorry, I try to reformulate in a simpler way:
    comments popup is not working from my custom post type index page (?post_type=myposttype)

    Anyone experiencing the same? My custom post type has commenting enabled and it stops working (404) only with the use of comments_popup_script (default link to the single page is ok)


    “comments_popup” finds “regular” posts by ID#, while it doesn’t find custom posts as if the ID# was non-existent.

    Any news about this one?

    may be you could share some code here.

    It’s a plain 3.0 install, with added post type as per instructions, and added script to have popup comments as per instructions.
    If I navigate the post type “index” (?post_type=myposttype), comments popup gives a 404.
    What I’m looking for is a confirmation it doesn’t work this way, or someone just saying “it works”.

    Same result navigating “?comments_popup=#”, where it doesn’t work if the searched post# belongs to a post type different from a default article (post).


    I have the same issue Alessandro. My commments_popup_link returns a 404 page when I use it on the archive page of a custom post type, but works fine for posts and pages.

    Any ideas? anyone anyone bueller?

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