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    Hi, I’ve just switched to Neve for a new website and building, I usually create my own custom post type with CPT UI, I have a problem with neve.

    I can’t access the components tab on my custom post type when I add a new post, this one:

    Is only available is the default one, usually, I can enable it in CPT UI, but I can’t with neve, here is a pic:

    Do you have some tips to resolve this issue? Custom post types are very important to me.


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    I got this answer from their support:

    Our arguments and settings map to the arguments from WordPress core and the register_post_type() and register_taxonomy() functions specifically.”

    Sorry for double post.




    I ran into the same issue. Custom Post Types (CPT) do not get the theme post options metabox controls.

    This is due to that the theme registers the metabox only for the ‘post’, ‘page’, ‘product’ post types. See here:

    I have not done a whole lot of testing, but this seems to work for me … so far. Your mileage may vary.

    Install the Code Snippets plugin.

    Add a new Code Snippet with this code:

    	function() {
    		global $wp_meta_boxes;
    		$wp_meta_boxes['document']['side']['default']['neve-page-settings'] = $wp_meta_boxes['post']['side']['default']['neve-page-settings'];

    You do have to make one change for this to work for you. Change document to the slug/key of your CPT. Be careful with this, done incorrectly and the sky will fall.

    Then Save and Activate the Code Snippet.

    Ideally, Themeisle would add a filter so CPT could be added

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    Thank you so much Steven! Is working heavenly, I was thinking about this no stop for the last 3 days, finally my mind can rest.

    Hope you have a good wonderful day! 🙂

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    If I’m not mistaken you could just add your CPT to the array on line 117 as well. I’m in the process of writing a plug-in (my first) using CPT, CF(postMeta), Custom Taxonomy & template pages for the CPT. I have a way to go before I can actually debug if that works or not though.




    Yes, you, could. But, I would not recommend editing core them files directly. When the theme is updated, any changes you make to the theme files will be lost.

    Good point… So really the developers need to add a box to the options where people could input a comma separated list of their custom post types and then include those in line 117 programmatically. Though something tells me it’s not so simple (even though it seems like it should be).



    Many ways to do it, yes adding settings is one another would be for them to get all registered post types instead of hard coding specific ones.


    By chance when you were digging around on the CPT issue did you happen across anything relating to Custom Taxonomy? I’ll start digging, but thought if you recall anything you could point me in the right direction. Thanks!



    Sorry, no, I stopped digging after getting solving the issue I was experiencing.


    I think a child theme is a great place for your code (not plug-in dependent, doesn’t go away with a theme or plug-in update).

    As for the Custom Taxonomy issue, no worries, just thought I’d ask. It looks like it might be a Gutenburg issue (I got it to show with the “show-in-rest => true” argument, but then other things aren’t working right). Again thanks for all your help & insight.

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