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    I’m giving this plugin a try before going Premium (my client insist all plugins must be paid, even though your free version would do. Lucky you!) and so far everything is looking good except one little issue.

    When I have to select the Post Type in the dropdown menu my custom post types do now how up. I only get two custom post types which were created by another plugin, but none of the ones I created. I used the plugin Types to create my custom post types.

    Any idea what might be going on?

    Thanks in advance!

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  • Our free plugin supports only the custom post created with the CPT UI plugin. If you want to use the custom post created with Types plugin you need to upgrade to our Pro version.

    Sounds good, like I said I was planning on doing so, I just wanted to make sure everything I needed would work. Thanks!

    Thanks for update.

    One more thing. With the Pro version, will I be able to upload any Advanced Custom Fields such as Taxonomy Fields and Relationship Fields?

    Yes,Our Pro version supports all the ACF custom fields.Try the Pro version by using the link as and if you need more information please use this link as to create the support ticket.We will provide the required information properly.Thanks!

    Hello Anithab,

    Thank you for that link, its very useful to have a live demo to be able to play with before making the purchase, specially for a plugin like this which is on the expensive side (although it’s totally worth the money if it works well!).

    I’ve given the demo a try but was unable to import ACF taxonomy and relationship fields. Its probably me doing something wrong, but I cant seem to be able to figure out what it is so I was hopping you could point me in the right direction.

    What value should my CSV file in the column that corresponds to the ACF taxonomy field? The taxonomy name? The taxonomy slug? I have tried both and none seem to be working.

    Basically I’m able to upload my CSV file, I’m also able to map all the fields correctly, but when the import is completed the ACD taxonomy and relationship fields are empty in the new imported post (which belong to a custom post type).

    Anything you can think I might be doing wrong?

    sorry, I had forgotten about the ticketing system. I’ll go ahead and submit a ticket as you suggested.


    I’m not able to submit a ticket… I created an account but every time I click on the icon to open a ticket I get redirected to the login page, I log in, navigate to support, click on the icon to open a ticket and get redirected to the login page again and so on…

    Hi Hoiol,

    Sorry for the inconvenience.Try to create support ticket using private browser. I have attached the sample CSV file link for custom post with taxonomy and relationship fields. Kindly download and refer it.

    Use this file and import in our demo site, if any guidance needed please update us in our helpdesk support.

    Hi again anithab,

    I really want to follow your instructions and open a ticket, but your site isn’t playing nice with me… I experience the same loop using Chrome, Firefox and Edge, and now that I’m trying to change my password I can’t because the email to restore it never reaches me…

    Anyway. I have tried importing your sample file and it did work well. I see you are using the taxonomy ID and post ID for the taxonomy and relationship columns for them to be imported.

    I get this, but imagine I have a CVS with 100, 200, 500, 1000 lines. Are you saying I have to go one by one looking up the ID of their taxonomy and the ID of their relationship post so that they are imported properly? That kind of defeats the purpose of importing a CSV. If I have to manually work on every single entry I might as well manually create every single entry… Also ID’s have no meaning to the human eye which will surely mean a lot of mistakes will be made as its virtually impossible to double check the CSV file before importing it. In my opinion the only two values that would make sense using are the taxonomy/post name or slug.

    Am I missing something?


    Hi Hoiol,

    Send a mail to, mailing here will create a ticket. We will guide you there.

    Just id, thanks again! 🙂

    Rick Curran


    Hi, is this a recent change to limit CPTs to only those by the CPT UI plugin? I’ve previously used this to import CSVs into my own manually configured CPTs but just tried to do it and noticed that my CPTs didn’t show in the list. Why the restriction to only those via the CPT UI plugin?



    Hi – My client also used to have the option to import CPTs created with the regular WP register_post_type() function and using your non-pro plugin. Did you change the plugin to only work with CPT UI plugin or is this a bug in the latest plugin version?

    Jason King


    I’ve used this plugin a few times and only noticed today that this option (importing to custom post type) is no longer in the free version.

    Looks you now have to buy the Pro version to upload to custom post types. Any chance of this being restored to the free version? If not, I suppose I could revert to an older version and use that.

    By the way, I think it’s a great plugin and would happily pay for Pro, but the cost is more than I could justify to a client for only occasional use.

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