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    I am constructing a WordPress theme, on a site where I need several post types and taxonomies. For the first time, I have used plugins to do so, ‘simple custom taxonomies’ and ‘simple custom post types’, to keep the data intact if we should choose to change theme someday.

    My problem: Custom post types keep disappearing in admin UI, but in a very weird way. The post types show up as they normally would, if I had coded them in functions.php, but as soon as I turn on a plugin that wants to be in the menu, it takes over one of the post types place (See screenshot: ). I have tried several plugins, and different post types, the result is the same.

    As you can see on the dropdown it actually exists, but the “forms” has taken over the place of “frontpage elements”. It’s like there is a hard-limit on how much stuff is allowed up there.

    I am an experienced themer, so believe my when I say that I have tried everything I can think of. Also, I have googled the **** out of the problem.

    If any of you could help, I would be forever thankful!

    – Theis

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  • Since you are used to hardcoding your CPTs and taxs, why not just do it in a plugin? That way you still get to keep them theme independent, but don’t need to rely on a plugin which might be bulkier than your needs.

    Plugin Name: VoodooPress Functions
    Plugin URI:
    Description: Non-theme specific functions for VoodooPress.
    Author: Rev.Voodoo
    Author URI:
    Version: 1
    License: GPL v2 -
    // Any php that works in functions.php goes here

    Just my sample plugin header to get you started… throw it in a file named plugin.php in a folder, zip and install

    –Not 100% an answer to your question, apologies if you don’t wish to go this route!!

    Hey Voodoo

    Thank you for your answer. I have tried exporting the code from the plugin, pasted it in the functions.php and disabled the plugin. The same thing happens. The code looks fine to me, so I’m not quite ready to blame the plugin.

    My next step would be to write it from the back of my head, without any influence from the plugin, and see if it helps. And if it works, put in into a plugin like you say.

    Another quetion: Do you usually design a theme with a supporting plugin? It seams like a rather good idea, when dealing with tailor-made WP sites for clients. I will think about this.

    I personally make a plugin for any site that I have. That includes post types, taxonomies, custom widgets, anything really that is for that particular site.

    That way if I, or a client, changes their mind on a design, I have nothing tied to the theme.

    I can then swap themes, and maybe only have to insert a few custom template tags to be back up and running.

    Basically, if I am modifying something specifically for a particular theme, I do my code in the theme. If it is for the overall site and will be theme independent, it goes in my plugin.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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