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    How can I make the map interface available for custom post types, not just posts?

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  • jacdesigner


    I have the same need. I wish to make Novo Maps work in the same way with my custom post type categories.

    Plugin Author bluisier


    It’s on my list… sorry I did not have much time to code and improve the plugin lately

    I need this feature too =)

    +1 for us as well, thank you!

    Hi guys,
    I needed the same fix.
    @mrdusty , @xmginc, @jacdesigner , @nwright2471
    I was able to add the map to the new post after updating
    Line 357
    $screens = array( ‘post’, ‘page’, ‘YOUR POST TYPE’ );

    The map shows up on the custom post.

    But I noticed an issue with this plugin having a conflict later on, as then I save the custom post I get a “This is no Post or Page.” messege on blank screen.
    If I deactivate NovoMaps – the post saves fine.

    @bluisier Are you aware of this issue?

    Plugin Author bluisier


    @plot0006 yes on line 527 of class-novo-map-admin.php I’m checking if it’s a post or page (that’s why you get this message) –> if(! can_edit_post_page($post)) { so you could remove this check

    But this option is smthing many people are asking and I will add it… it’s just I have no time to look into it at the moment

    First: Thank you for this nice Plugin!

    +1 for custom post types. very important.

    Plugin Author bluisier


    Hi everybody,

    In version 1.0.9, I just added a new filter to allow you guy to enable novo-map for custom_post_type. You just need to add the followinf filter in you theme functions.php file :

    add_filter( 'novo_map_allowed_post_type', 'novo_map_post_types' );
    function novo_map_post_types($types) {
        $types = array( 'post', 'page', 'testimonial' );
        return $types;


    Est-ce que ca va renter en conflit avec ce que j’ai déjà implémenter :

    Intégration de Novo-Map aux PROJECT (CTP)
    Dossier plugins/novo-map

    Ajouter en ligne 381 ou 387 dans “class-novo-map-admin.php” 
    $screens = array( ‘post’, ‘page’, ‘project’ );

    Ajouter le code suivant après la ligne 70 dans “admin-helpers.php”
    elseif ( isset( $post[‘post_type’] ) && ‘project’ == $post[‘post_type’] ) {
    if ( ! current_user_can( ‘edit_post’, $post[‘ID’] ) ) {
    _e(‘<div class=”notice notice-error is-dismissible”><p>User not allowed to edit this post.</p></div>’);
    return false;
    else {
    return true;

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    Plugin Author bluisier


    @yaoxdutphn bien sur que si tu mets à jour le plugin, tes modifications vont être effacées. Il te faudra ensuite utiliser le filtre depuis le thème du site à la place



    Oui ca je sais qu’à chaque mise à jour, je dois remettre ce code en place.
    Mais alors pour que je comprenne bien, avec ta nouvelle mise à jour 1.0.9, l’ajout de CTP est automatique, ou il faut faire quelques chose pour les activer. Pour moi les CTP en l’occurrence s’appellent PROJECT. Merci pour ton éclairage.

    Plugin Author bluisier


    @yaoxdutphn il te faut utiliser le filtre que j’ai ajouté dans la version 1.0.9 depuis le thème de ton site comme indiqué ici –>

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