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  1. BelugaLabs
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    Hey WordPress devs, I know this question was brought up before elsewhere, but I can't seem to get things working using any of the proposed solutions. This is how I have my custom post types and categories setup:

    Custom Post Type: Buildings
    -Buildings Categories:
    -Buildings Regions (custom taxonomy):
    ---New Jersey
    ---New York

    Every Building will be assigned to 1 building category (Medical, Industrial, etc) and 1 building region (USA->New York, Canada->Ontario, etc). This all works fine, except the permalinks to inner building pages are site.com/buildings/postname and there is no category archive for the custom post type categories. Here is what I'm trying to achieve:

    1. Permalinks to inner building pages to be example.com/buildings/category/postname
    2. Permalink to archive of all building pages to be example.com/buildings
    3. Permalinks to archives of each building category example.com/buildings/category
    4. Lastly I want to be able to display an archive of buildings by region. So example.com/buildings/region/usa would bring up all the buildings in the USA, while example.com/buildings/region/canada/quebec would bring up only buildings in Quebec, Canada.

    I've tried numerous solutions, but the closest I was able to get was half of #1 working using the WP Permastructure plugin posted as an answer to this similar thread on stackexchange. I am able to get the permalinks for inner building pages to generate properly, but when accessed they return 404s.

    Any help is greatly appreciated!

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