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  1. markjames9
    Posted 1 year ago #

    I have been using an old plugin that uses custom post types and I am changing to a newer plugin with better functionality (don't wish to to start a war of words so please don't ask which plugins).

    I have migrated hundreds of custom post types in the WordPress database table via mysql statements to the new plugin structure successfully - no problem.

    The issue is that the old plugin content contains html tags such as <p>, , etc. These are now being displayed on the public facing pages of the website. I.E. '<p>Hello World</p>' - rather than 'Hello World'.

    If I open an individual CPT in the admin area, do absolutely nothing else but then re-save it - it successfully strips all the unwanted html tags.

    Does anyone know what hook activates this process and/or how I can process this for all the custom post types?

    It would be a huge pain to do this manually.


  2. markjames9
    Posted 1 year ago #

    apologies, there is a tag in the initial support post that has caused the bold and unwanted formatting.

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