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  • I’m working on a filter to pull in pages and custom post types as replacement for posts for the featured content.

    I’ve hit a little blocker in terms of the CPT tag taxonomy – the custom taxonomy will not work unless it is of the post_tag type.

    My question is, is there anyway to override the set post_tag and use any custom registered taxonomy? I can setup a dropdown select option for all available types but as mentioned only the post_tag will work.

    Appreciate any help anyone can give on this.


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  • Resolved this by way of a 3rd party plugin: – it simply re-maps the custom taxonomies to post_tag.

    It would be helpful if you could explain how you did it, I am also looking for a way to show pages as featured content.
    Thank you!

    I’m actually working this option in to the Fourteen Extended plugin and it will be available soon for all Twenty Fourteen users.

    The basics are…

    1: Enable tags for pages via a function – something like

    if( ! function_exists('fourteenxt_register_taxonomy') ){
        function fourteenxt_register_taxonomy() {
            register_taxonomy_for_object_type('post_tag', 'page');
        add_action('admin_init', 'fourteenxt_register_taxonomy');

    Then I set up options in the Customizer to set the number of posts, the content type i.e posts, pages or custom post type via $post_types = get_post_types(); – the values are then passed to a twentyfourteen_get_featured_posts filter via a function callback.

    2: The rest of the code is a bit long and involved to paste here – you can grab the Beta version of the plugin here: Fourteen Extended Beta and have a look at the code. You can either use the plugin or pull out what you need and use it 🙂

    If you are going to incorporate the code in to a child theme then take a look at how I’ve done it in Ridizain: – you’ll want to grab the version 1.0.19 for the code.

    3: Most custom post types don’t use the standard WordPress post_tag for their taxonomies – this is where the Taxonomy Tools plugin comes in handy.

    Once everything is set up you’ll be able to use pages or custom post types as featured content.

    EDIT: Not sure if its permissible to post the zip link in the thread – if Mods object please remove it 🙂

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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