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  1. 800A
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    i'm using custom_post_type and all is ok. The only problem is that, in my case, i use it like normal blog updates so i need to get good seo for that.

    The problem is that when i publish my custom_post_type, all pings to service list are not performed. I solved this problem whit this code:

    function my_custom_pings($post_id){
    	wp_schedule_single_event(time(), 'do_pings', array($post_id));
    add_action('publish_movies', 'my_custom_pings');

    But miss something...
    I used this hack to add custom post in main query, but i have notice that my main feed, after that i publish a news custom post, is not updated. It updates only when i post a wp native post type.

    I use WP Super cache, but i disabled cache for feed, so the problem is not related whit any plugin installed.

    Somebody know how to flush feed and add it via "publish_{custom_post}" hook?

  2. 800A
    Posted 5 years ago #

    It' a bug related whit get_lastpostmodified() and get_lastpostdate() functions.

    I found this ticket:

    bug fixed in the next 3.1 relase...

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