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    As an admin on my blog, I change the post status of a post from Pending Review to a Custom post status from Edit Flow. However, when an editor goes into the same post, the only Save option is to Save as Draft. Once that is clicked, the post status goes back to Draft rather than staying as the Custom one.

    This problem popped up after upgrading to Edit Flow 0.6.4. Any ideas on what changed?

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  • Plugin Author Daniel Bachhuber


    Few questions:

    • Does this happen in all browsers?
    • Does this happen to more than one user, or just the editor
    • Can you upload a screenshot of what your editor sees?

    Hey Daniel,

    Yes, this happens in all browsers. The Save button has been replaced by the Save Draft button it looks like. And when someone clicks on it, the post status goes from Custom back to Drafts.

    This happens for all users except the admin, who has the option to change the post status.

    I’m also using Role Scoper 1.3.44 if that helps at all. Let me know.

    Plugin Author Daniel Bachhuber


    I’m unable to reproduce on my machine, unfortunately. Based on your report, it sounds like the Javascript is breaking on the create/edit post view for all of your users.

    When they edit a post, are they able to select a status from the post status dropdown? If so, which statuses appear?

    What changes if any did you make at the same time you upgraded Edit Flow and/or noticed this issue?

    Users don’t have the option to select a status from the post status dropdown (this is intentional). Only admins have this permission.

    However, once a post status is changed by admin to a custom one, and a non-admin user goes and edits the same post, the only option is Save Draft (should be Save so that the custom post status is preserved).

    Any ideas?

    Plugin Author Daniel Bachhuber


    Ah, that makes a lot more sense. What’s your “default post status” in the Edit Flow options by chance? Also, how are you removing the post status dropdown?

    In v0.6.4, we added code so that the default post status is respected for contributors. Previously, it would default to “Draft” because there wasn’t the appropriate information in the DOM. Because there’s no post status dropdown for your users, I suspect it’s reverting to whatever your default status is.

    The “default post status” in Edit Flow is Draft. I think the post status dropdown is being removed by the Adminimize plugin. Any way we can make that work?

    Hey Dan,

    Any update on a potential fix? I may need to downgrade my version of Edit Flow since it is causing issues in the editorial process. Just wanted to check in on status, when you get a chance. Thanks, appreciate the plugin!

    Plugin Author Daniel Bachhuber


    Can you share a screengrab of your Adminimize settings?

    I tried installing it, disabling Publishing Actions for editors, and the current custom status persists just fine when I hit save.

    As it turns out, Adminimize just hides that div with CSS, which means editors can change the status if they know how to manipulate the DOM with Firebug.

    I suspect the Edit Flow Javascript is conflicting with something else and not firing. Does the media uploader work for editors?

    I tried deactivating the Adminimize plugin and I still get the same issue. Does this mean that Adminimize is not the cause of the problem?

    Yes, the media uploader works for editors.

    Plugin Author Daniel Bachhuber


    Odd, probably. What other plugins do you have installed?

    I just tried deactivating all plugins, but I still get the same issue. Not really sure what it could be. Thoughts?

    Also, just reverted back to 0.6.3 and it does work properly now.. so it’s definitely something that was introduced in 0.6.4.

    Hope that helps.

    Hm, now I seem to be having another issue. When clicking on Quick Edit for a post, the Status box only shows 3 options for Published, Pending Review, and Draft. Posts that have custom statuses in Edit Flow show as Published in the Quick Edit Status box. However, when clicking through to the Edit Post page, the drop down shows all of the custom statuses.

    Do you see that as well?

    Plugin Author Scott Bressler


    I believe that last bit is because we actually made Quick Edit work for custom statuses in v0.6.4. We’re still investigating the reverting issue you reported.

    Plugin Author Scott Bressler


    I just tried to reproduce:

    Logged in as admin, created a post and saved as waiting for feedback
    Logged in as editor, went to edit same post

    I saw all custom status options as an editor. I was able to change the post status to a different custom status.

    Is there something more to this report that I’m missing? If you were willing to upgrade to 0.6.4 again, let us know if you still see this issue.


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