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    I’m using the latest Crowdfunding update. I’ve seen references to custom pledge amounts, but I’m not seeing this in my installation. The only pledges allowed still seem to be specific reward levels. I’m using the Crowdpress theme; would this be theme specific or is something else going on?

    Somewhat related – what happened to the all-or-nothing and flexible campaign types? All I see under Campaign Types in the backend is “Donation.”

    Campaign Types Donation — Funds will be collected automatically as pledged.
    Select which campaign types are allowed.

    The campaign type option no longer appears on the campaign creation page.

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  • To add to this, I see someone else reported the same issue on GitHub. I just switched to the Stripe gateway from PayPal Adaptive Payments. I was under the impression I would have the same functionality that PayPal AP has. Is that not the case?

    Now…with that said, the donation-only issue occurred for me even prior to switch to Stripe with PayPal AP turned on.

    Stripe doesn’t have the API’s to split funds with other Stripe accounts *currently*

    The “Flexible” and “Fixed” funding types is gateway specific, i.e. if your using the free standard PayPal gateway it will only accept donations as payments are always instant there is no pre-approval billing support.

    When you are using a gateway such as PayPal adaptive payments you will see the options to accept flexible and fixed funding.

    Also flexible and fixed funding on the free standard PayPal gateway is against PayPal’s terms of service they would close your PayPal account if you choose this option.


    The problem described above still exists. I’ve never had PayPal Standard enabled under payment gateways. Flexible and Fixed seemingly disappeared at some point, but I can’t figured out when. PayPal Adaptive Payments is selected, but I still only have the “donation” type.

    This is a critical piece. What can we do to get this fixed?

    Does your setting for the payment gateway look the same as this:

    I’ve tried with that setting and with the Test Gateway as the default, to no avail. This previously worked with the Test Gateway set as default, if I’m not mistaken.


    I cannot understand why the topic is marked as resolved. Here I have the same problem. No matter what option I use in the Payment Gateways I only have Donation Type.

    Please Help!!!


    It’s marked resolved because it’s someone else’s topic and they marked it as such. Please start your own topic.

    I don’t recall marking it resolved. In any event, this issue still needs attention and I’ve marked the thread as not resolved.


    Thanks rdb, I agree and apreciate.

    Do you have the latest version of the PayPal Adaptive Payments plugin installed? Version 1.1.1 ?

    Hello Adam,

    No I don’t but I read that the other types, while in Test Mode, would be availible.


    Its only available when you install the latest version of PayPal Adaptive Payments

    Adam, just updated from 1.0.1 to 1.1.1, and still don’t see the options. I know this worked previously because I set up two test campaigns and was able to choose.

    Pretty sure its a setting issue, I’m not having this issue, without going into your settings I don’t know what else to suggest, If you were one of our customers I would be able to help more in detail via our support forum.

    Adam, your response is very confusing. Why is this thread marked as resolved? One other individual in addition to myself is trying to get this issue fixed. I’ve also commented on a closed issue on GitHub where someone else reported the same issue. It looks like the GitHub thread was closed on the assumption that the incorrect gateway was used, despite comments from the thread creator that stated his issue started after updating to 1.3.

    I’ve stated that this worked previously. Something has clearly changed somewhere with one of the recent updates. It seems that a few people raising this same concern in the last few weeks would be a bit of a red flag; instead it looks as if you are washing your hands of this because I’m not using one of your Envato themes and can’t create support tickets. Am I to assume because I am using a free plugin you’re not going to provide any support beyond what I see here?

    Here is a screenshot showing my settings:

    Here is a screenshot showing my available options:

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